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Operational Signage of Florida LLC

Fire Exit Left Arrow - Sign - 20 In. X 12 In.

Fire Exit Left Arrow - Sign - 20 In. X 12 In.


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Fire Exit with Left Arrow - Works great for parking lots, malls, office or commercial buildings to show patrons that the fire exit is to the left.

Recommendations for Material Choices:

  • Aluminum - made of a high corrosion resistance aluminum alloy and are commonly used in outdoor applications.
  • E-Panel - is comprised of two pre-painted sheets of aluminum with a solid polyethylene core.
  • Sintra - comprised of an expanded PVC in sheet form with a low-gloss matte finish. Lightweight, Rigid and Durable.
  • ABS - High Impact Resistance and durable for heavy-duty applications. Most widely used plastic substrate for signage and point of sale items.
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